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Calculating only worksheets was yesterday!

Practise maths problems online,

that is our motto! The optimal learning success is achieved through the combination of worksheets, online tasks and learning videos. For this purpose, we use the various possibilities of interactive content. This makes learning and practicing mathematics fun. And there is a direct feedback to all exercises on this page of Mathefritz.

This is what you can find online at Mathefritz

This page is currently still under construction. New maths exercises are being added all the time. 

On each page you can practice interactively and solve maths problems online! Just check back later!

By the way, we are building the site multilingually. In English, Spanish and French! 

However, the task sheets and interactive online exercises will not initially be available in all languages. 

Interactive online tasks

Have tasks read aloud

Almost all tasks get an audio feature as an explanation!


Or as math dictation:


Exercise books from Mathefritz

The online maths exercises match the new exercise books. The new exercise books contain the solutions, but the concept is: enter the solutions in your exercise book and check the result online. This way you repeat the exercise and get direct feedback!

Discover the latest online maths exercises!

Solve tasks online - with direct feedback

Maths exercises online for grade 2

Here you can find the latest online maths exercises for grade 2 in primary school! Lots of interactive online maths exercises!

Measure and draw angles interactively

Calculate angles online ∠ Angles interactive exercises Angles...

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The interactive learning clock - 5 minute clock

Interactive clock 5 minute steps The interactive learning clock...

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Multiplication tables memory online

Multiplication tables memo games online Multiplication tables memo games online - learn...

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Learning the multiplication table through play

Playfully learn the multiplication table 🎲 Practice the 1x1 online...

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1x1 Complete Turning Game Wooden Cubes online

Multiplication tables wooden abacus online Learn the multiplication tables with...

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Series of 10 multiplication tables - 1x1 Learning

Multiplication tables 10 series online interactive worksheets multiplication tables of...

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Series of 9 multiplication tables - 1x1 Learning

Multiplication tables 9 series - online interactive worksheets multiplication tables...

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Series of 8 multiplication tables - 1x1 Learning

Multiplication tables 8s series online interactive worksheets multiplication tables of...

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online maths exercises class 4 - "Fit fürs Gymnasium" (fit for grammar school)

Here you can find the latest maths exercises online for grade 4 in primary school.

Mental arithmetic problems grade 5

Mental arithmetic exercises class 5 🤔 Practise mental arithmetic 🤔 online...

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Text problems class 4 - Fit for grammar school

Solve text problems class 4 online 📝 Text problems and...

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Written addition - listening task

Listen to the task. Write down the numbers and add them up....

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Written addition with carry

Written addition with carry-over The task in this...

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Addition in one line

Addition in one line - Calculate in your head!...

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Comprehension questions about arithmetic expressions

Do you understand the tasks correctly? Pay attention to the...

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Addition mental arithmetic problems

Calculate the tasks in your head! The task in...

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Add up to a full ten thousand, a hundred thousand, a million...

Keep adding up in your head to ten thousand, a hundred thousand, one....

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The distributive law - factoring out and multiplying out (1)

Learn to factor out and multiply out with the distributive law The...

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Rounding - round up or round down?

Round the numbers correctly - round up or round down?...

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Maths problems online - Grade 5

Prime numbers up to 100

Prime numbers up to 100 & prime factorisation online Prime numbers - important questions Here we answer important questions about prime numbers. In the further course of this page, we will deal with the questions in more detail!

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Grade 5 - The Exercise Booklets

Practise maths problems class 5 classically with the exercise books from Mathefritz!

These four booklets have been created especially for class 5!

The exercise book for fractions. Soon you will find many maths problems from this booklet online. You can calculate them all interactively online. There are 60 pages of exercises in the booklet. 

With this booklet you can practise "Calculating with sizes in class 5". We calculate with:

  • Lengths
  • Weights
  • Times
  • Currencies

Soon many exercises from the booklet will be online here.

The comprehensive booklet with 84 pages on basic arithmetic. We practise arithmetic laws in grade 5, everything you need to calculate in the first 3-4 months of secondary school. Soon you will find many maths problems online from the book. So you can check your results directly!

Practise mental arithmetic. The book contains exercises for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. You should be able to do all these exercises in your head. We are working on putting all the exercises from this book online.