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Calculate angle measurement online ∠ Measure + draw angle

Calculate angle online

Learn how to measure angles, calculate angles online, draw angles and measure angles on this page. There are also interactive exercises and worksheets below!

Angle interactive exercises

Calculate angles online - Draw angles online.

The interactive angle - the blue angle is the angle that can be changed with +/-. Try it out!

Optimal with PC or tablet!

Angle in degrees

What is an angle?

What is an angle?

An angle indicates the inclination of two lines meeting at a point.

This inclination is expressed in degrees (°). We use small Greek letters to designate an angle:

α: Alpha, β: Beta, γ: Gamma, δ: Delta, ε: Epsilon

Angle designations
Angle designations

Example: acute angle

Step 1:

Place the triangle with the zero point of the base line (centre) at the apex!

Step 2:

Read from the lower leg of the angle (at the base line) from zero in positive direction. Here in the example between 30° and 40° exactly at 35°.

Pointed angle 35 degrees
acute angle, here 35

Example: obtuse angle

Proceed in the same way as for the acute angle! When reading, however, pay attention to the correct direction and to the size of the value!

Here in the example exactly 140°.

Blunt angle 140 degrees
Obtuse angle, here 140

Example: Overshot angle


Check whether there is an obtuse angle.

In this case we always measure the opposite angle and calculate the angle we are looking for by calculating 360° minus the opposite angle.


Counter angle = 40°, angle sought = 360° - 40° = 320°!

Overshot angle 320 degrees
Overshot angle, here 320

The different types of angles

In order to be able to measure and draw angles correctly, it is very important to know the types of angles exactly!

Pointed angle

sharpening angle

\(0< \alpha < 90° \)

Right angle

righT wInk

\( \alpha = 90° \)

Blunt angle


\(90 < \alpha < 180° \)

Stretched angle

Stretched angle 180 degrees

\( \alpha = 180° \)

Overshot angle

Overshot angle

\(180 < \alpha < 360° \)

Full angle 360

Full angle full angle 360 degrees

\( \alpha = 360° \)

Measuring angles - The learning video from Mathefritz

Measure angle 

Learn how to measure an angle. In a short video we show you how to use the set square. Measure angles correctly!

Drawing angles - The learning video from Mathefritz

Draw angles

Learn how to draw an angle. In a short video we show you how to use the set square. Draw angles correctly!

Angle online and interactive - the materials as a PDF

The Infoposter - Measuring angles 

Calculating angles online - interactive exercises

Infoposter Measure Angle
Download info poster as PDF!

Worksheet - Measuring angles 

16 Measuring angles, simply print out the worksheet!

Measure angles worksheet
Download worksheet Measure Angle as PDF

More materials to follow!

The exercise books for class 2

These exercise books do not have much to do with measuring angles or drawing angles. But they contain many interactive exercises from this WEB page!