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Fraction tasks - Learn fractions online

Fraction tasks PDF - Learn fractions online

Adding and subtracting fractions with Mathefritz
Learn fractions with MathsFritz!

Fraction tasks - How do you learn fractions?

On these pages we give you an overview of the individual topics of fractions and refer to the respective detail pages. There you will find detailed explanations and many exercises and examples. This is the best way to start: recognize simple fractions.

Then follow the topics:

  • Extending and reducing fractions
  • Convert fractions to decimal fractions and vice versa
  • Convert decimal fractions and fractions into percentages
  • Sort and arrange fractions
  • How do you add and subtract fractions?
  • Multiplying and dividing fractions

We start with fraction tasks by recognising and matching simple fractions.

A little exercise - Draw the correct solution to each fraction!

Some more fractions exercises on the topic of percentages. Many exercises online and as PDF for printing on the details page!

Draw the correct numbers in the spaces provided!

Fraction exercises Addition and subtraction of fractions

Can you add and subtract fractions correctly? 

Try it out, draw the correct numbers in the spaces provided!

Fractions - How to learn with these pages

Use worksheets as PDF.

Download and print fraction tasks - work classically and check online.

PDF worksheet

Task sheets for GoodNotes 

Import as PDF and work online - that's how it works. 


Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a real GoodNotes document for download here. Therefore you have to use the PDF document and import it into GoodNotes. 

Exercise sheets for OneNote 

Import as PDF and work online - this is how it works!


We cannot offer you a real OneNote document for download here. Therefore you have to use the PDF document to import it into OneNote.  

The book on the topic: "Maths lesson 5 - Simple fractions".

The exercise book for getting started with fractions, all exercises in one booklet! 

Fractions exercises in one booklet!

Maths lesson 5 - Simple fractions

Exercise book for grade 5 in primary school

  • Length: 60 pages, DIN A 4, stitched, b/w
  • Published: 2015
  • ISBN: 978-394186817-5
  • Price: 5,95 €
  • Available everywhere in every bookshop (orderable) or in online shops.