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Time Half Hours Learning - online tasks

Half hours learning

Children learn half lessons directly following full or whole lessons at the time.

Half an hour consists of 30 minutes. During this time, the minute hand travels half as far as in an hour.

For our first exercise we go to the circus. There, the
children's show starts at half past three in the afternoon. Which clock shows the start of the performance - tick the right one!

Time half hours learning
half hours learning six o'clock

Move your mouse over the dial or tap it to see the correct solution!

Draw in or recognize half hour

We continue to practise for half an hour. To do this, we now draw the hands on the clock faces in our exercise book or we write the correct time under the clock face. We cannot draw hands on the screen, but by clicking on the picture, the clock face rotates and you can check whether you have drawn in the half hours correctly beforehand.

Half 8 o'clock - half passed 7

That's the right solution!

It's half past eleven.

halb 11 Uhr - half passed 11

That's the right solution!

It's 3:30.

That's the right solution!

It's half past 10:00.

That's the right solution!

It's 2:30.

half 10 o'clock - half passed 9
Half 4 o'clock - half passed 3
half 6 o'clock - half passed 5
half 2 o'clock - half passed 1

It's 4:30.

It's 6:30.

Now it's getting harder. Can you solve these problems too? What is the position of the hands on the clock at these times?

It's 6:30.

It's 1:30.

It's 5:30.

Funny clown learning time learning time

Half hours learning - mixed

Learn mixed time. Solve the following tasks as well!

Page 10 in the exercise book "We are learning the clock".

Arrange the clocks / dials in the correct order.

Have you studied for half an hour now? In this exercise you can prove it. Put all the clock faces in the right order. This means that the smallest time is at the front!


The Workbook - Learning Time

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How to tell the time

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