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"We are learning the time", further tasks from page 32

Learn time other tasks

These other tasks can be found in the exercise book "How to tell the time" on page 32 to page 35.

Exercise 1 - Time goes on and on!

Task 1:

Add the minutes and drag the correct digits into the digital display or the correct dial into the clocks. 

Task 2:

Now calculate the minutes that have passed from clock to clock.  

Fill in the solutions to (1) to (5) (yellow bubbles) in the boxes next to or below.

further task calculate time

Exercise 2 - Up to the hour

You can find these exercises on page 33 in the book!

Task 1: Fill in the time until the next hour. To do this, drag the correct numbers to the free spaces!

Task 2: Write down the number of missing minutes and draw the next full hour in the blank clock face in your exercise book.

Then you can click on the picture or run your finger over it to see the solution.

Draw in mixed times

Draw the times given above the dials on the dials in your book. Drag the correct pictures to the corresponding places to check.

Part 1: Part 2:
Part 3: Drag the dials to the right places!

backwards arithmetic

In the book, color the digital clocks correctly. In this online exercise, drag the correct digits to the corresponding places. 

You can find this exercise in the book on page 35.

Task 1:
Task 2:

The exercise book to go with these exercises: "We learn the time".

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