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How to integrate interactive learning content into your own site

HTML5 and H5P

The interactive learning content was realized with HTML5 and Javascript. For this we use the user interface/possibilities of H5P. H5P content can be integrated into your own homepage via HTML code. For this purpose, a so-called window (iframe) is integrated, in which the contents of our homepage are then faded in. However, ONLY the respective interactive learning game is displayed in this window. 

Here is an example of an interactive learning game. It is always displayed over the entire available page width!


The code for embedding

Is a separate WEB page necessary?

NO! You can also put the code into a new or empty document and open this page in a browser. It "only" has to look like an HTML page.

However, in order to display the content, an Internet connection is required, as described below.

This is how you recognize interactive content that can be included!

Interaktive Mathematik Lernspiele / Lernübungen die eingebunden werden können erkennt ihr an dem Text/Zeichen <> Embed unter der Übung.

H5P Embedding

<> Embed siehe Bild!

If you have clicked on Embed, a window with the code appears. Copy this code into your WEB page at the desired position.
H5P Embedding
Der Code von “<iframe…” bis zu “..” muss in die Zwischenablage kopiert und dann an der gewünschten Stelle eingebunden werden.

Include in a local document

Interactive content can also be embedded in a document / file for work on your own PC or on the Smartboard at school.

For this to work, Internet access is required when calling up the file, as the content is integrated via the site.

To do this, save a file with, for example, the following content:



Here comes your text and/or the embedded code, e.g. 

<script src=”” charset=”UTF-8″>




Important: Save the file with the extension *.html.

Your file.html can now display the interactive content in any browser.

The integration is possible without hesitation and without costs. For licensing reasons - especially because of the image rights acquired by us - we can not provide the H5P content as a complete download.