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"How to tell the time" - memo game time new in the workbook!

Memo game Learn time - play online

Memo Game How to tell the time - You can find this memory game for the time to print out / cut out and make in the new workbook "We learn the time".

Learn the time by playing with the memo game time

We reinforce and review the time topics by playing the learn time memo game.

Notice in this particular memo:

To make us look more closely, the same times always count on the pictures, even if the clock or the representation of the time looks different. So remember: equal cards belong together!

If you have trouble recognizing the same cards, you can also play the "classic time memo game". Here, the same cards always match!

Memory learning time telling time

Turn me around!

This is a sample card
of the memo game!

Memo time - variant 1 with 6 times and 12 cards

Play the memo - here part 1, the first 12 cards with 6 different times.

Memo time - variant 2 again 6 times and 12 cards

Play the game Learn the time - here is part 2, once again 12 cards with 6 different times.

Memo time classic - same pictures match same pictures

Learning time with memo cards - classic means that the same pictures belong together. 

In this game you can only match the same pictures with a time correctly. Try it out. Have fun with it!

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