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Learn multiplication tables with Mathsfritz

Learning the multiplication table in primary school:

Learning the multiplication tables is one of the most important topics in primary school. We combine practice with worksheets and tasks with interactive online exercises. In this way, the same topic is practised and deepened in different ways across different media.

On this page you will find almost all the exercises from the book, supplemented by PDF downloads and online games that no longer have a place in the book.

This is how you use these WEB pages for the multiplication tables online:

  • First try to solve the tasks in the book on paper.
  • Then practise with the same tasks online and repeat the tasks with them.
  • Play the memory games, docking games and word search puzzles for the multiplication tables for variety and consolidation.

The interactive 1×1 online exercises work best on a tablet computer or laptop. These exercises for the multiplication tables can also be practised online on a smartboard. 

Print 1x1 tables as PDF - all 1x1 series

Multiplication tables 7 series
10 pages of multiplication tables to print out with "x" as a paint mark.
Multiplication tables 7 series
Here are all the tasks with a "dot"
as a paint mark. Click to download!

Here you can print out all the multiplication tables.

  • 10 pages
  • On each page there is a QR code that takes you to the web page with interactive tasks of this painting series.
  • Alternatively "x" or "." as a paint sign
Print Maths Fritz Worksheet PDF
EInmaleins tables
print as PDF
click on the pictures on the left!

Learning the multiplication tables of the 1s series

The row of one or the row of one is still particularly simple. One piece or element is always added. Therefore, this first chapter on the multiplication table only contains the most necessary exercises for practising. The following rows are more important. Nevertheless, you should also calculate these exercises.

Number caterpillar 1s multiplication tables
The number caterpillar for multiplication tables with 1

An example of an online task:

Assemble the number caterpillar with the numbers of the 1×1 with 1 (the row of 1) correctly!

Practise the 2's row in the 1x1 online

We learn the multiplication table with 2. E.g. we can always consider 2 shoes as a pair. 

Learn 1x1 shoes with 2

How many pairs are shown? Calculate the plus problem. 

You can find many more exercises on the Exercise page for the multiplication tables of the 2s series.

Series of 3 online and interactive

We learn the 3's row and the multiplication tables with the number 3 with many different online exercises or on many pages in the book!

Example of an online exercise for the multiplication table with 3

A word search puzzle for the 3 series

Do you know all the numbers in the row of 3?

ß = ss

All words can too:

  • diagonal / oblique
  • backwards

be written!

So: thirty = gissierd

The puzzle is reshuffled after each new call!

The row of 3 to 30 contains 10 numbers!

Learning the multiplication table of the 4's online in 1x1

In this section we will practise the no multiplication tables of the 4s series online.

Here is just a small example of an online exercise:

How many bananas are shown? Always 4 belong together.

Which task do we have to solve? Calculate the result!


Go now to the exercise page for the Multiplication tables with 4!

Multiplication tables of the 5's online interactive

Multiplication table with 5: We practise the multiplication table with 5 on several pages. 

In this interactive online exercise, you can click on all the numbers in the 5 row on the dart board.

Try it out, learn 1×1 online! The correct result is displayed directly!

Practise the 6-row 1x1 online

Can you do the multiplication table online with the number 6?

In this section you will find many exercises. Practise the online exercises for the multiplication tables with 6 and the matching exercise sheets with many exercises for 1×1 with 6.

Learn multiplication tables 7s online

Multiplication tables 7 series

Can you calculate the small 1×1 with 7? In this section you can learn the multiplication tables online with the number 7 intensively. You will find many multiplication tables.

Table of the 8's of the 1x1 interactive online

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

We practise the 8s series of the multiplication tables online.

For example, you have to draw the results to the correct tasks.

Or you can complete the 8 number bead and enter all the numbers in the 8 row! 


Number caterpillar multiplication tables 8
Multiplication tables 8s series

Learn multiplication tables 9s online

Learn the multiplication tables with the number 9 - practise the series of nine and all the tasks of the multiplication tables.

9s 1x1 tasks

The 10-series multiplication tables online interactive

In this chapter you can learn the small 1×1 online. We practise the tasks as plus tasks, painting tasks and the inverse tasks as divided tasks.

Multiplication tables 10s series

1x1 mixed - worksheets to print out

Download the worksheets for the multiplication table with all the exercises for the multiplication tables as a PDF file.

With the QR code on the sheet, you can check your solutions to the 1×1 tasks. Scan the code and the solutions will be displayed!

All the tasks of the small 1×1 on one DIN A4 sheet!

Worksheet all tasks
Download 1x1 worksheet as PDF!

All the division tasks of the multiplication tables on one DIN A4 sheet!

Divided tasks of the 1x1
This worksheet as PDF

Multiplication tables online - rotate the tasks

Practise the complete multiplication table with the online abacus. All tasks of the 1×1 in a square or each multiplication table row individually. Ideal for the samrtboard or tablet or simply on the PC.

The multiplication tables as memo games, docking games

Find couples

Find the correct pairs of "task and solution" or "lemon to glass"!

The multiplication tables - in the number caterpillar or in the hundreds table

Memo game with all the problems for the multiplication table with 3 as an example

We have made memory games for all the multiplication tables! Play it online!

The exercise book for the multiplication table

You can find many more exercises on the topic of multiplication tables in grade 2 of primary school in our exercise book "Learning multiplication tables"!

The successful booklet now published NEW with the online maths exercises for grade 2!

Maths lesson 2 - Learning multiplication tables, intensive and interactive

Exercise book for the 2nd grade in elementary school

  • Scope: 60 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w
  • Published: 09 / 2021
  • ISBN: 978-394186836-6
  • Price: €7.95
  • Available everywhere in every bookshop (orderable) or in online shops.