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Multiplication tables 5s series
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On this page we learn the multiplication tables of the 5s series with many tasks and exercises. The online worksheets match the tasks in our book "Learning multiplication tables" for grade 2 of primary school. Work on the worksheets in the book. Afterwards, you can call up the solutions on this page or solve the exercises again interactively.


Row of 5 - Exercise to start

For starters, let's look at a certain number of hands. There are 5 fingers on each hand. 

This way you can make the task clear to yourself:

If we want to know how many fingers are displayed, we only have to count the number of hands, then we can also calculate the number of fingers.


Exercise 1

There are 5 fingers on each hand. How many hands and therefore how many fingers are shown?

Hands are a great example for calculating the multiplication table with 5.

There are 5 fingers on each hand. How many hands and therefore how many fingers are shown? Hands are a great example for calculating the multiplication table with 5.

Write down a plus task and a painting task!



Simple plus and colouring tasks of the small multiplication table with 5

Exercise 2

An important thing in learning the multiplication tables is the fact that we can always write a number in a multiplication table series as a plus task (sum) or as a multiplication task (later we also call this a product or multiplication).

20 is for example

  • 5 + 5 + 5 + 5 (plus task, 4 hands, add all fingers together)


  • 4 times 5 (painting task, 4 times 1 hand, 4 times 5 fingers as painting task)

Therefore, we practise this in the introduction to this topic of the 5 series, before further tasks repeat this again and again.

Calculate the tasks!

Drag the correct numbers into the boxes to get the tasks right!

Hand multiplication tables with 5

Exercise 3

The numbers of the 5s series on the dartboard

The arrow only hits numbers from the multiplication table with 5. Where does the arrow get stuck? Click on the numbers!

Further exercises of the multiplication table with 5

Exercise 4

Equivalent plus tasks and painting tasks.

Calculate the tasks and recognise the similarity of the tasks and the results.

Drag the numbers to the right places!

Exercise 5

The tasks from the multiplication table with 5

Match the tasks of the multiplication table of the 5's with the correct results. Which balloon goes with which present? Connect the balloons with the correct presents!

Balloons in the row of 5

This task as an online exercise:

Drag the balloons to the correct task of the multiplication table with 5!

Exercise 6

The row of 5 as a number caterpillar

Number caterpillar

We will practise the multiplication tables with 5. Assemble the number caterpillar correctly by arranging the numbers from small to large.

The solutions to page 12 and 13 in the exercise book, the problems for the multiplication table with 5, as presented online here, up to the number caterpillar.

In the book you will find this QR code to call up the solutions. You can also click on it directly here. 

Page 12: QR Code 5 Series Page 13: QR Code 5 Series

Mixed tasks for the multiplication table of 5

Divided by 5

Division tasks from the multiplication table with 5

Draw the correct solution to the task!

Plus - Minus Times - Divided

Find the correct arithmetic symbol for the tasks so that they are correct!

Drag the arithmetic symbol to the corresponding position!

Plus Minus Times Divided Tasks

The online exercise

Draw the correct arithmetic symbol in the task!

The 1x1 abacus with the small multiplication table with 5

Memo game and finding picture pairs

Find matching pairs of the 5 row

Find the correct pairs of "task and solution" or "balloon to gift"!

Memo game with all the problems for the multiplication tables with 5

Word search puzzle

With word search puzzles you can practise the multiplication tables in a playful way. 

The word search puzzles hide the numbers of the multiplication tables. Find the numbers and mark them with your mouse or finger, depending on which device you are on.

Observe the following rules/hints:

  • Words can be written forwards and backwards: three = ierd
  • Words can be written diagonally.
  • the "sharp s" is always written with a "double s": ß = ss
  • Every time the page is called up (or updated), the word search puzzles for learning multiplication tables are re-compiled!
  • Currently, the menu navigation of these games is still in English. But that should not be a problem!
  • If a game does not fit completely on the screen, you can use the key combination "CTRL" + "-" to make the screen smaller!

Find all the words/numbers from the row of 5!

The exercise book for these online exercises

You can find many more exercises on the topic of multiplication tables in the 2nd grade of primary school in our exercise book!

The successful booklet now published NEW with the online maths exercises for grade 2!

Maths lesson 2 - Learning multiplication tables, intensive and interactive

Exercise book for the 2nd grade in elementary school

  • Scope: 60 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w
  • Published: 09 / 2021
  • ISBN: 978-394186836-6
  • Price: €7.95
  • Available everywhere in every bookshop (orderable) or in online shops.