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Structure of the clock - We learn the time

The dial of the watch

On this page we will learn the structure of the clock.

Each watch consists of a dial and hands.

On the dial you will find the numbers 1 to 12.

Each number represents one hour.

If a clock has no numbers, you will find a slightly thicker line at this point and always 4 smaller lines in between.

The distance from dash to dash is one minute. From one big stroke to the next big stroke is 5 minutes.

The hands: the hour hand and the minute hand

When setting up the clock, it is very important to be able to distinguish the hands.

The hour hand

The short hand of the watch is the hour hand. It moves from one number to the next in one hour.

For a complete revolution, the hour hand
needs 12 hours - that is half a day. A day has 24 hours.

The hour hand therefore makes two full rotations on the dial during the day! So the hands are one of the most important things in the construction of the clock.

Structure of the watch Hour hand and minute hand
Structure Clock Minute hand of a clock

Accurate to the minute: the minute hand

The long hand of the watch indicates the minutes.

The minute hand requires 60 minutes for a complete revolution. Therefore, the dial is divided into 60 equal parts for the minutes.

If you want to know the time exactly, you have to read the minutes correctly!

With the magnifying glass, let's take a closer look at the minute hand on the left. 

The dial exercise

Do you now know the construction of the clock?

Label the hands of the clock.

Drag the names of the pointers to the right place.

(1) is the second hand.
(2) is the hour hand.
(3) is the minute hand.


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