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Word problems time - practice online

"How to tell the time" - In the book: Word problems time, page 22 and 23

Word problems Time - After school

Calculating with times - Solve the Word problems Time

Read the text carefully and fill in the fields with the correct times. Each task can also be played as an audio file if you are not yet able to read well.

Let's go. Solve the text problems.

Time Class 2 Primary School
Word problems time math

Click on the dial /

move the mouse over it!

Click on the clock face or move the mouse over it to see the correct time!

Word problems time school
Word problems time in. the music school

Click on the clock face or move the mouse over it to see the correct time!

Other tasks - In the snow

Word problems Exercises Time with the Snowman 

Word problems time snowman

How long does it take to build the snowman? Enter the number of minutes in the space provided.

You go out in the snow and build a snowman. This clock will tell you what time it is. Start:

Text task 3 o'clock

Now you are done building the snowman. This clock shows you what time it is now. End:

Word problems Time 15:40
The snowball fight

Afterwards, you have a snowball fight until:

Word problems time snowball fight
How long does the snowball fight last?
Word problems time sledding

At the end, you definitely have to do some sledding. Then you go home. This clock shows you what time it is:

How many minutes in total were you in the snow?

The exercise book - learning the time with some text exercises

Uhrzeit lernThe successful booklet now with online maths exercises

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