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Solve word problems 4th grade online 📝

Solve word problems 4th grade online

Book Word problems 4th grade

The exercises from the exercise book are presented online on these pages. Here, the maths problems can be solved interactively on the screen. On this overview page, we present the different topics from the exercise book. All text problems from the book can also be read aloud. 

From the contents:

  • Use arithmetic trees
  • Read, interpret, draw diagrams
  • Check solvability
  • Find text to task and task to text
  • Number puzzle, age puzzle
  • Word problems on basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)
  • Division with remainder
  • Calculating with large numbers
  • Quantities with units: Times, weights, lengths, money

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You can also solve all the exercises from the book online here!

Use arithmetic trees 🌳 for word problems

With arithmetic trees you can quickly represent and solve simple calculations in word problems. In this section we will learn how to work with arithmetic trees. 

Example task 


Petra buys 7 kg of potatoes at a price of €1.95 per kilogram. How much does she pay?

Draw the correct arithmetic symbol and the solution in the spaces provided!

Reading/drawing/interpreting diagrams 📊.

Drawing and reading diagrams is quite a difficult task for primary school pupils in grade 4. Therefore, we want to practise this topic in detail.

The tasks in our exercise book come from practice and can all be solved in the book or online again.


Sample task: Population figures in the federal states

In the picture diagram the population figures of some federal states of Germany are shown. A large figure stands for 10 million inhabitants, a small figure for 1 million inhabitants.

Read the number of inhabitants from the picture diagram. Then enter the numbers in the book in the fields or here online in the fields below the picture!


The figures are always rounded to full millions!

Picture diagram Factual task

Check solvability / find text for task

Solvability of a text task

Not all tasks are solvable. Important information for the solution may be missing or the information given is simply wrong. In this chapter we practise reading a task carefully. Then we analyse the task before we start to solve it.

Find task to text or find text to task

We only understand a text task correctly if we can clearly assign the text to a task or can assign a task exactly to a text. In the tasks on this topic, it is only a matter of finding the correct assignment. A detailed calculation is not necessary at all!

Here are some examples, interactive as a checkbox task. Try it out!

Factual tasks / text tasks at ⏰ times

We solve word problems about times as well as factual problems about times, days, months, years and calculations in the calendar. Here are just a few examples, all tasks can be found on the details page!

Clock word problems 4th grade

Task example:

The exercise book on the topic of "Word problems" 4th grade

The successful booklet now also interactive and online!

Word problems, Fit for high school

  • Exercise book for grade 4 in primary school
  • Scope: 48 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w
  • Available since: 2017
  • ISBN: 978-394186832-8
  • Price: €6,95

Can be ordered in any bookshop or online!