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Learn clock - interactive & online

Learning telling the time in primary school

Here children can learn the time. The best way to learn to tell the time is to do the online exercises and use the exercise book. You can also use our interactive clock to practice reading the time yourself. The interactive learning clock from Mathefritz can even read you the time in different languages!

We learn the clock in the following steps

1. the elements of the clock

Usually, you first learn about the elements of a clock . How is a watch constructed? We learn about the dial, the hour hand and the minute hand.

2. the full hour

Then we read the full hours, in the morning and in the afternoon!

3. half hours and quarter hours

Then we practice half hours and quarter hours.

4. reading the clock to the minute

Now we learn to read the clock to the minute.

5. digital clocks and the 24-hour time

Now follow digital clocks and the time in 24 hour mode. We read from analog clocks and enter the time in digital clocks and vice versa!

6. calculating with times

We calculate with times, add to the full hour or add a few minutes or a quarter of an hour.

7. Word problems on the time

Word problems about the time round off the topic. Here you can test everything you have learned so far about reading the clock!

How to tell the Time

Learning time with the exercise book

Our chapters proceed in the same way as you learn the time at school or at home:

  • Practise the tasks online and get the correct result displayed
  • or add the exercises to the exercise book and compare the exercises online.
  • Play with the interactive clocks to tell the time and have the time read out to you.
  • Play the memo games to consolidate your knowledge.

Almost all task descriptions are also offered as audio content in case you are a child who is not yet good at reading.

Workbook for the adjustable clock
The exercise book for the online exercises

Learning the clock - full hour

What is the best way for a child to learn to tell the time? 

We will start with tasks on the hour. In the exercise on the right, you see four different times on the hour. On which clock is it seven o'clock.

Mark the correct answer! Drag the tick to the clock where it is seven o'clock.

On which clock is it seven o'clock. 

Example of an interactive drag & drop exercise

Time - half hours

Learn half an hour

In the next step of learning the time, we practise half hours.

An half hour consists of Thirty minutes. During this time, the minute hand moves half as far as in an hour. The performance for children in the circus begins at half past 4 in the afternoon. Which clock shows the beginning of the performance? Tick the right one! To do so, drag the tick to the correct time.

The quarter hour

Two variants for learning the quarter hours through play. Learn times online with a memo game or find pairs of cards.

A memo game:

Two cards match if the text on one card matches the time on the other card. 

Draw cards to each other:

Drag the card with the text to the card with the matching time!

All right? Try it out!

Memo game


Add times

Can you add times to a time? 

Now you're going to ask, "What's the point?". Imagine your girlfriend says to you on the phone, "I'll meet you in 30 minutes. "You look at your watch and realize it's now a quarter to five. So when do you meet?

Learn times online: you can answer this task interactively on the screen. 

What does the clock show after 30 minutes?

To do this, drag the correct clock to the vacant position.


This is how a clock is constructed

Before we can work with a clock and read the time correctly, we need to understand which elements belong to a clock. We also need to know what the elements are called and what they are used for. We basically distinguish between analogue clocks (with hands) and digital clocks (with digits in a display). We will now get to know the latter.

The analogue clock

An analogue watch is a watch with an hour and minute hand. Sometimes the watch also has a second hand. 

The most important elements of an analogue watch: the hour hand, the minute hand and the dial

The digital clock

A digital clock displays only numbers or digits. Therefore, reading the time is very easy.

Examine both displays by moving the image back and forth in the center.

Both pictures show the same time!


Accurate to the minute!

Can you read the clock to the minute? Then enter the correct time under the dials! 

learn to the minute 1

learning to the minute

Clock times children learn

Learning the time in primary school to the minute 4

Digital clock - without hands

In this digital clock exercise, it's morning!

Digital clock - there are no hands!

Digital means that numbers are used for display. Digital watches therefore have no hands! Watches with hands are also called "analogue watches" as opposed to digital watches.

With digital clocks, we can display 24 hours. With an analogue clock, we always need to know whether it is morning or afternoon.

The drill: 

Drag the correct numbers to the digital display so that the time of the analogue clock is shown there. Another part of learning the time online!

Calculating with times / word problems

Time Class 2 Primary School
Word problems time math

Move over the dial!

What time is it?

Memo games about the time

Memo game as memory training:

The well-known classic game with which children learn the time. Two identical pictures always belong together.

But now also test the memo game time as an educational game:

Different pictures show the same time and therefore belong together. Try it out!


Memo game as an educational game: 

Memory Game telling times example

Two cards with different pictures but same times. For example, analog time and digital time match each other.

English time practice: The interactive talking learning clock 🇩🇪 , 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 , 🇫🇷

Learn the time with the talking interactive learning clock. Set the hours and minutes and read off the time.

Various learning clocks are available. Try the talking clock, especially in 🇩🇪 , 🇬🇧 🇺🇸 , 🇫🇷 German, English, French and in Spanish!

Set interactive learning clock

Time worksheets to print out free of charge

Here you can download further worksheets as PDF files or a PowerPoint presentation for your own experiments. 

  • Blank worksheets that can be completed by the students themselves.
  • Clock faces for crafting clocks
  • Powerpoint template file for own ideas

Worksheet Times to print out

Word / PDF

Worksheet Tasks Time

Print clock


Print Exercise Sheet Dial

📥 Dial as PDF

(Blank clock for handicraft)

PowerPoint template 


PowerPoint Template for Children

📥 PowerPoint Template (PPTX)

(Create tasks and worksheets yourself)

The exercise book for the time and these exercises

The successful booklet now more comprehensive and interactive!

How to tell the time

Exercise book for the 2nd grade in elementary school

Scope: 48 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w

Publication date: 03.05.2021

ISBN: 978-3-941868-35-9

Price: €6,95

Available now in every bookstore (orderable) or in online shops.

Content - the topics

  • Structure of the clock
  • The full hour
  • Half hours
  • Quarter hours
  • Up to the minute
  • Digital clock
  • Add times
  • Word problems
  • Dials to color or craft
  • New more tasks, new coloring pictures with clocks, ...