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The full hour - How to tell the time

These interactive exercises and solutions belong to page 4 to page 7 of the exercise book "We learn the time".

The exercise: Learning and recognising the time of the full hour

Full hour learning 01

In this exercise, you have to recognise the full hour and tick it off. To do this, put the green tick in the empty box next to the correct time!

Read out the task:

On which clock is it 5 o'clock? Mark the correct clock with a cross! 

Learn clown times
Clown time

Tick the clock that says 7 o'clock!

Can you find the clock that says 2 o'clock? When you find it, tick the right clock. 

Clown in circus learn time

The performance of the clowns in the circus begins 

at 8 o'clock. Draw the correct time on the clock face in your workbook. When you have drawn the correct time, move your mouse or finger over the blank clock face.

Read out the task:

8 o'clock ?

Recognizing and noting the full hour

On page 5 in the exercise book "We learn the clock".

Your task in this exercise: Recognize the time and enter it in the fields below the clock face.

What time is it?

Full hour learning 01
Clown times 1
Full hour learning 02
Full hour learning 03
Full hour learning 04
Full hour learning 05
Full hour learning 06
Learn clown times
Learn clown times
Full hour learning 07
Full hour learning 08
Full hour learning 09
Full hour learning 10
Full hour learning 11

More exercises on the hour

Look on page 6 in the exercise book to find these exercises!

Funny clown full hour

The hour hand has fallen off. To make the clock work again, draw the hour hand in the correct place on the dial in your exercise book.

Then drag the matching clock to the right place in this online exercise.


Read out the task:

Pull the right watch at the right time! 

Funny clown with balloons

Pull the right watch at the right time! 

The full hour of the day with 24 hours

You can find the exercise on page 7 in the exercise book!

On the face of a clock with hands, we cannot tell whether it is 12:00 noon or 12:00 at night. This is because the hands are at 5:00 in the morning just as they are at 5:00 in the afternoon!

We want to practise this. To do this, draw the hour hand (small) and the minute hand (large) on the dials in your exercise book! In the corresponding online exercise, you then drag the finished dials to the correct position.


Read out the explanation and the task:

The exercise book for learning the time

The successful booklet now more comprehensive and interactive!

How to tell the time

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