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Predecessor Successor Class 1 - online + PDF exercises

Predecessor Successor Grade 1 - Numeracy

On this page we learn what the predecessor or successor of a number is.

Every number has a predecessor and a successor. In this exercise you have to fill in the predecessors and successors of the given numbers. It may happen that only the successor or only the predecessor of a number is given. Then find the other corresponding numbers.

Here is a small example:

To the number 9 8 is the predecessor and 10 the successor.

It is a little more difficult with larger numbers. Here, however, we only calculate up to 20, as in primary school grade 1.

Want to know more about the arrangement of number? Have a look here at Wikipedia/Number line here!

Predecessor Successor of a number

Predecessor Successor - The online exercises

Arrange the numbers in the correct order!

Predecessor Successor in a different way: Which number is the smallest, which the largest? Arrange the numbers correctly. Then the first number is the predecessor and the last number is the successor of the middle number!


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