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What time is it ... Time online worldwide

What time is it? Time online around the world

What time is it? What time is it?

What time is it? On this page, we answer this question when you select your time zone or location. The time varies depending on where you are.

You also get an online clock in different layouts for your time zone. You can then integrate this clock into your website yourself.


This page is still being expanded! 

Let yourself be surprised and just drop by again.

World time with seconds - UTC

Current time (UTC, world time)

UTC time now - What is UTC time? What does UTC mean?

What time is it ? to tell exactly, you need a base value for time!

UTC means Universal Time Coordinated. On Earth, there must be a reference value for the time. And that is the so-called UTC time, which corresponds to the time in Greenwich, England (London) in winter. In the past (until 1972), GMT was the universal time.

GMT stands for Greenwich Mean Time

Why Greenwich?

The prime meridian runs through Greenwich. This is the zero longitude. The lines of longitude and latitude are the Earth's coordinate system and divide our Earth so that each location is precisely defined. The zero longitude is therefore the origin for the Earth's coordinate system and for the Earth's time!

This is the current world time with seconds (UTC time)

This time is independent of summer time or winter time.

So if it is daylight saving time in England (Greenwich), London is UTC + 1 and Berlin UTC + 2.


For the programmers among you: the UTC can be retrieved with various Javascript functions in the browser:

  • getUTCHours(); 
  • getUTCMinutes();
  • getUTCSecondss();
  • getUTCMilliseconds();

What time is it now? - What time zone am I in?

Time online in my time zone

Do you know what time zone you are in? You need to know that to calculate what time it is.

You are in the following time zone:

Your difference to UTC in minutes:

Is your time zone calculated correctly? If not, send us a message! Unfortunately, we can't check the computers all over the world.


What time do we have?

Do you know what time zone you are in?

This is the current time in your time zone!


Time online - Germany, Europe

What time is it in Germany?

What time is it in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or France?

Germany is "normally" in the UTC + 1 time zone, which means that in winter, WITHOUT daylight saving time, it is one hour later than UTC.

In "summer", or more precisely in the valid "summer time" from March to October, the time difference is UTC + 2 hours.


The time in Madrid, Paris, Berlin (CET, Central European Time)

currently summertime!

Please check this time at your location if you are outside Europe!

Time Europe - CEST / MESZ

what time is it in Europe?

The time online in Europe

There are many different time zones in Europe.

We will soon be working on an exact list. You can find the above picture with explanations on Wikipedia!


What time is it in America - Time in America and the world

What time is it in America?

There are many different time zones in America.

We'll show you only the most common ones here.

Between New York and Los Angeles or Rio de Janeiro Brazil and Santiago de Chile.

The time zones:


  • New York UTC - 5
  • Chicago UTC - 6
  • Rocky Mountains UTC -7
  • Pacific (Los Angeles, San Francisco, ...) UTC - 8

The time Am.Pacific is also called PST - Pacific Standard Time. 

  • Alaska UTC - 9
  • Hawai UTC - 10

Brazil has 4 time zones from UTC - 2 to UTC - 5

Argentina: UTC -3

Chile: UTC - 4

Mexico has 4 time zones from UTC -5 to UTC - 8

Here you can select your time zone!

The time in the world

select your time zone!

Time zone:

Atomic clock - a word about time calculation

What time is it with an atomic clock?

Nobody calculates the time on a WEB page with an atomic clock. The time on a computer always comes from a server time or a time supplied by the operating system. Since your request was called from a computer, there is always a small time delay in the millisecond range.


Time online - More apps for learning

The interactive half-hour clock

This learning clock only shows whole and half hours. Try it out.

Adjustable clock primary school half hours

The interactive learning clock to the minute

Adjustable clock: the minute hand advances in minutes.

interactive learning clock quarter hours

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