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Computer basics - the interactive online book

Computer basics for beginners

Computer basics - the online book!

In 2012, the book "ITG informationstechnische Grundbildung - Computer Basiswissen für die Sekundarstufe 1" was published. In the meantime, a lot has changed and many things have developed further. A book in print form is no longer up-to-date for many users.

The online workbook is aimed at pupils from grade 5 onwards in all types of schools. 

The aim of this online version is to provide an introduction to basic computer knowledge with practical and lesson-related exercises. These are intended to show the pupils the benefits of the programmes. At the same time, they should introduce them to the sophisticated operation of the programmes. Thus, pupils learn about elementary functions of presentation programmes with tasks such as "coordinate system" or "football field". Special emphasis is placed on imparting knowledge about the Internet, e-mail and social networks. They are to point out to pupils the dangers as well as the benefits of these media.

Important: In this online book we do NOT learn to programme!

If individual links to chapters do not work yet, this is NOT an error, but these pages will be created soon. Please be patient a little longer!

To work with this book, we often have to research on the internet and call up different pages. We use the following symbols for this:

Google Search
Search on the Internet / Research
Wikipedia Search
Wikipedia search
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Image search / Wikipedia Commons

Computer Basics - Table of Contents - Choose your topic!

In our online book on basic computer knowledge for beginners, we cover seven individual topics and then many exercises for different subjects. 

In the first chapter PC basics we learn: How does a PC work.

  • The PC - how it all began
  • Schematic structure of a PC
  • The inner workings of a PC
  • Notebook computer
  • The BIOS and the operating system
  • Mobile devices - tablet computers and smartphones
  • Tasks and exercises
Computer order and files

Tidiness in the workplace means that we can handle files and programmes properly!

  • The workplace or desktop

  • Files and folders

  • Copy and paste with the clipboard

  • Copying screen contents

  • Tasks and exercises

Computer basics Internet

A very important topic of the ITG is the internet. We deal with the following topics:

  • The internet and how it works

  • Email

  • Search effectively on the internet

  •  Security on the Internet

  • Social networks

  • Chat

  • Tasks and exercises

Computer Basic Knowledge Image Editing

Image editing on the PC - we learn: 

  • Colours on the computer

  • File formats of images

  • Image size, megapixel and megabyte

  • Image editing programmes

  • Colour a picture

  • Editing a self-drawn picture

  • Create a silhouette

  •  Tasks and exercises

Presentation programmes PowerPoint

Create presentations

  • Introduction to presentation programmes

  • Enter and format text

  • Create lines and drawing objects

  • Working with grids and layers

  • Inserting images into a presentation

  • Group and align

  • Slide masters and slide templates

  • Guidelines for a good presentation

  • Tasks and exercises

Basic knowledge of word processing

Word processing

  • What is a word processor
  • The toolbars
  •  Format text - font, size, alignment
  • The tablature
  • Insert images
  • Designing text with tables
  • Page Setup, Headers and Footers, Columns
  • Designing a multi-page book
  • Tasks and exercises
Learn basic Excel

In this section we will learn about spreadsheets:

  • What is a spreadsheet programme
  • The work surface
  • Spreadsheets and the workbook
  • The toolbars and number format
  • Format cells
  • Sort lists
  • Arithmetic operations with cells
  • Simple diagrams
  • Tasks and exercises

Exercises for individual subjects

No basic computer knowledge without exercises ! 

We do exercises on PC basics in general for all subjects or specifically for:

  • Mathematics
  • Biology
  • Geography
  • Our mother tongue (especially with the word processor)
General exercises

General exercises - in this chapter we cover the following topics: 

  • Our classroom and the seating arrangement
  • A sports field
  • The Yin-Yang Symbol
  • A list of addresses
  • The grade chart with average grade
  • The grade chart as a diagram
  • A certificate for the sports festival or a birthday


Mathematics exercises

In mathematics we practise:

  • The coordinate system
  • The circle - a fact sheet or learning sheet
  • The area of rectangles
  • Spatial geometric bodies
  • The Four Colour Set
  • Represent numbers
  • Mappings and linear functions
Biology exercises

In biology, we mainly practise presentations:

  • The Monarch Butterfly
  • The skeleton of the human being
  • Structure of a flowering plant
  • Suggestions for further exercises
Geography exercises

Exercises in geography / geography:

  • The profile of a city
  • Federal states, flags and coats of arms
  • Climate chart with spreadsheet
  • A Silent Card
  • Suggestions for further exercises
German exercises

In our language, we mainly practise word processing:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Subject description
  • Operation description
  • Telling a fairy tale
  • Inventing a story for a picture
  • Design invitation cards