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"how to tell the time," Learn the Time Quarter Hour, page 11. 

How to tell the time -  excercise quarter hours

Exercise 1 - Draw the quarter hours

We calculate with quarter hours.Draw the hour hands (small) and minute hands (large) on the corresponding dial in your workbook.The exercises are on page 11 in the workbook.

a quarter past 5

a quarter to 10

a quarter to 3

a quarter past 12

a quarter to 6

a quarter past 8

a quarter past 9

a quarter to 2

Exercise 2 - even more quarters!

Enter the time correctly by adding the words "before" or "after" to the time! In the example the first task is already solved! Enter all solutions in the list below the clocks!


a quarter to 5


a quarter past 3


a quarter past 10


a quarter to 11
Learn clown times


a quarter to 8


a quarter past four


a quarter to one


quarter past seven

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