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Make a football out of a sheet of paper! 

Football craft ⚽ the craft template

Make a football - the template is not only a change during a European Football Championship or World Cup!

For the substitute lesson or simply now during the Euro 2021 football championship. 

How it works: the football craft template instructions

The video for the football craft template!

Just watch it and you will understand how to make a football. You can print out the template below.

Done. Just take 3 minutes!

Tip: use coloured cardboard paper!

When the ball is finished, it looks something like this:


Football Small Craft Template

Cut out all the yellow areas contiguously.

Cut the white hexagons in the middle through the thick black lines and cut them out too.

Always glue two hexagons together in such a way that a 5-corner is formed in the middle.

Print craft template as PDF / or edit as PPT

Football icosahedron

This is what the leaf looks like! Cut along the thick black lines! 

You can print out the football craft template free of charge and use it as you like.

Now also the template as a PowerPoint file, in case you want to insert your own patterns into the individual hexagons.

PDF - Print Football Craft Template Printable template craft sheet

Football craft with PowerPointCraft sheet as Powerpoint file, (*pptx)

What is an icosahedron?

Icosahedron as football

An icosahedron is a regular polyhedron. Polyhedra are polyhedral solids, in this case the surface consists only of regular hexagons and pentagons. 

In our craft template for the football, the pentagons remain empty and are formed from the remaining spaces themselves. 

TIP: A book that uses our craft template

Now there is the book for the craft template - or better, a book in which a crystal ball plays the main role as with our craft template:

Andersen and the Crystal Ball by Rike Kreß:

andersen crystal ball

From the contents of the book:

Plastic waste threatens the underwater world. This is clearly noticeable in the five kingdoms of the ocean vortexes. Poseidon's powers are also dwindling more and more and instead of meeting up with his fellow gods and celebrating properly, he is researching ancient water crystals in his palace. Fortunately, he is not the only one interested in water. There is also Andersen, who suddenly discovers a structure in the water due to his way of looking at the world...


The interactive time book - All exercises online here!

The successful booklet now with online maths exercises

Maths lesson 2 - Exercise book, We count up to 100

  • Exercise book for the 2nd grade in elementary school
  • Scope: 60 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w
  • Published: 2017
  • ISBN: 978-3941868267
  • Price: €6,95
  • Available now in every bookstore (orderable) or in online shops.