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Multiplication tables memo games online

Memo games online - learn with online games the 1 x 1


On this page you will find multiplication tables memo games online. For all multiplication tables we will provide the turn games. 

The complete 1×1 abacus as an online version can be found on a separate page!

Here you will find above all:

  • Memo games
  • Domino-style docking games: always match tasks and numbers!
Worstuch puzzle for each 1×1 row we have also deposited on a separate page. Try it out!

Memo games - playfully practising multiplication tables

With memo games, you can practise the multiplication tables in a playful way. 

This is how you play the multiplication tables memo game:

  • Always turn over two cards. If the cards do not match, the cards automatically turn over again with the next click!
  • If a game does not fit completely on the screen, you can use the key combination "CTRL" + "-" to make the screen smaller!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 1 - practise the row of 1s!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 2 - practise the row of 2!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 3 - practise the row of 3!

Memo game for learning the multiplication table playfully with the 4 - practise the row of 4!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 5 - practise the row of 5!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 6 - practise the row of 6!

Memo game to practise multiplication tables with 7 - practise the row of 7!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 8 - practise the row of 8!

Memo game for multiplication tables with 9 - practise the 9's row!

Memo game to play multiplication tables with 10 - practise the row of 10!

Find picture pairs - 1x1 Match task and result

Here come more tasks soon!


The book to practise with: "Maths lesson 2 - Learning the multiplication tables".

You can find many more tasks on the topic of multiplication tables in grade 2 of primary school and 1×1 games to cut out in our exercise book!

The successful booklet now published NEW with the online maths exercises for grade 2!

Maths lesson 2 - Learning multiplication tables, intensive and interactive

Exercise book for the 2nd grade in elementary school

  • Scope: 60 pages, DIN A 4, hardcover, b/w
  • Published: 09 / 2021
  • ISBN: 978-394186836-6
  • Price: €7.95
  • Available everywhere in every bookshop (orderable) or in online shops.